Speedier web & mobile application delivery

Beat the competition with Citrix NetScaler

Protect & enhance business-critical applications

Increase performance and security with Citrix NetScaler

Citrix NetScaler is the world's best application delivery controller (ADC). It simplifies, accelerates and secures the delivery of complex applications while reducing the cost of hosting and operating web applications.

NetScaler is also the only supported solution for optimising XenMobile, XenDesktop and XenApp environments – maximising the user experience and providing unparalleled application and network visibility.

Infographic: Networks and
ADCs – challenges and opportunities

Networks now have to balance unprecedented work loads. Find out more about the demands placed on systems, the challenges facing IT leaders and the growing opportunities for your organisation.

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Citrix NetScaler increases performance by 480% more than comparable ADC products

Up to five times faster delivery of web-based applications

High-performance load balancing and reduction of server costs by up to 60%

Integrated, uniquely, into Cisco's switching infrastructure




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