Future-proof your network

With Juniper Networks Data Center Switches

Build a simple, open, and scalable network of the future

Juniper Networks data center switches can deliver the high-density, high-performance foundation for the most demanding data center and cloud environments.
Support new technologies, ever-increasing applications, and ever-changing traffic schedules with a network built on Juniper Networks Data Center Switches.

Forming a key component of Juniper's MetaFabric Architecture, Juniper's Data Center Switches can give your organization:

Massive scalability

Support deployments ranging from dozens to thousands of ports while providing a solid foundation for SDN.

Time to value

Accelerate deployment and delivery of applications within and across multiple sites and the cloud.

Simplified network management

Manage multiple switches as a single device to streamline monitoring and maintenance.

Integration with multiple MetaFabric architectures

Juniper's switches are integrated in a variety of data center architectures, including Junos Fusion, QFabric® System, Virtual Chassis Fabric, and Virtual Chassis technology.

Networks That Know Simplicity

To learn how to select the perfect building blocks for an open, scalable data center network of the future, read our eBook. Discover trends, challenges & opportunities that affect you as cloud & data center network deployments evolve.


Juniper Networks Data Center Switches

Boost your network's performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency with Juniper's portfolio of data center switches:

EX4300 Ethernet Switch

A compact, fixed-configuration line of Ethernet switches that deliver a high-performance data center access solution.

EX9200 Ethernet Switch

A line of programmable Ethernet switches that simplify the deployment of cloud applications, server virtualization, and rich media collaboration tools in data center core and aggregation environments.

QFX5100 Switch

A flexible, high-performance, low-latency, and feature-rich line of Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches optimized for virtualized data center environments.

QFX10000 Switches

A line of feature-rich fixed-configuration and modular switches optimized for high-scale, automated, and virtualized aggregation environments with support for high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, and beyond.


Juniper Switches Provide Scale and Simplicity for Any Size Data Center

Today’s data centers are pressured by ever-increasing applications and east-west traffic patterns. This Solution Brief looks at how switching architectures can address these issues and help improve business agility.



Top 10 Data Center Network Switch Considerations

In order to make the right choices for your data center, factors such as security and performance are just two of many considerations. This top 10 guide will cover the key factors to help you evaluate your options.


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