With Juniper, the private cloud is open

Realize a simple, open, and smart data center

Now's the time to invest in network architectures that maximize virtualization and the cloud

More organizations are virtualizing their network infrastructure to reduce costs, simplify, and improve efficiencies.

Cloud computing is the future of IT. In fact, infrastructure virtualization is forecast to account for at least 80% of IT spending growth through the end of the decade¹, with more organizations turning to the cloud as their dominant platform.

And cloud adoption is already pervasive. A Juniper survey of over 200 IT decision makers reveals that 72% leverage a full or pervasive virtualized infrastructure at their organization. As a result:

  • 46% possess consolidated servers and leverage the benefits of migrating to virtual resources
  • 34% leverage centralized applications in fewer data centers
  • 26% achieve increased efficiency of data center storage
  • 24% optimize the data center network to accommodate more server-to-server traffic

The State of the Virtualized Data Center

Explore how an increasing number of organizations are virtualizing their infrastructure to capitalize on new IT opportunities.
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The Journey to a Virtual Private Cloud

Discover the key to ensuring a smooth transition to a secure private cloud and the role that network virtualization plays.

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Realize a simple, open, and smart data center with Juniper MetaFabric

Uncover how your organization can accelerate deployment and delivery of applications within and across multiple sites and clouds.

The MetaFabric architecture is not a single product or technology. It's a complete data center solution.

Leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of switching, routing, orchestration, SDN, and security solutions, your organization can get the most out of business-critical applications and ensure an open, no lock-in, transition to the cloud.

Virtualizing with MetaFabric can help you:

  • Simplify your physical and virtual infrastructure to reduce OpEx
  • Achieve an open architecture that extends across the open ecosystem
  • Integrate with new and legacy applications to end vendor lock-in
  • Enhance agility with end-to-end network visualization, correlation, analytics, and automation.

Webinar: Design Your Network For Virtualized, SDN Enabled Applications In The Cloud

Discover how Juniper's holistic approach to interconnecting data centers and clouds simplifies and accelerates the deployment and delivery of applications.

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TechTarget Whitepaper

Build a Business Case for Virtualization

Explore the guiding principles to help your organization realize a simple, secure, open, and smart network architecture and evolve to the cloud.

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Internet security threats are evolving, and more ruthless than ever

Gartner reports that by 2016, 21% of x86 servers shipped will be for virtualization, supporting 82% of workloads.²

The growing nexus of business, social, and technological forces is driving the introduction of more virtualization and cloud-based solutions across the enterprise.

It's clear that the cloud is the new paradigm. Juniper is the only vendor that combines a history of innovation, a full networking and security portfolio, and a 'no lock-in' approach to lead your organization on an evolutionary, non-disruptive journey to the cloud.

Virtualizing with Juniper Networks can help your organization:

  • Leverage physical and virtual resources to deploy and deliver applications more quickly
  • Achieve the speed and agility the application-driven economy demands
  • Enhance application performance and user experience
  • Develop and deploy new applications without a rip-and-replace, achieving greater operational simplicity and lower TCO.


Networks That Know Data Center Virtualization

Explore the current state of the virtualization landscape and the challenges and opportunities facing your organization.

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Six Best Practices for Overcoming Virtualization Challenges

Uncover how your organization can overcome the unique challenges of network virtualization with these best practices:

  • Establish a solid foundation
  • Enable universal connectivity
  • Build the shortest bridges possible between the virtual and physical worlds
  • Prevent virtual network performance, degradation, and reliability issues
  • Adopt a single approach to security
  • Adopt a common approach to network management and automation


Explore how Juniper Networks Layer 2 Gateway Services for VMware NSX can bridge virtual networks to any physical network environment to provide a unified user experience.

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