File management has evolved.
Are you stuck in the past?

Today’s file management solutions can’t keep up with evolving business needs. They’re no longer comprehensive, efficient or reliable enough for modern businesses.

Traditional file backup solutions (Carbonite, Mozy, and others) are great for scheduled file backup, but they don’t offer real-time backup. And they lack critical file sharing and collaboration features.

File servers create a useful local file repository, but they don’t offer mobile access, file sharing and collaboration features.

File sync & share tools (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.) are great for file sharing and collaboration, but they don’t offer point-in-time restore, file retention policies and can’t backup multiple folders - making them a weak backup solution.

It’s likely you’re using a combination of the above file management services which creates unnecessary complexity and increases your operating costs.

How does your file management solution(s) stack up in the modern file management age?

Use the table below to see how popular file management tools compare.

product table

Meet ShareSync

ShareSync combines file backup and file sharing to offer a complete file management solution. With ShareSync, your files are backed-up in real-time to enterprise-class datacenters and are able to be accessed from any device. ShareSync helps you stay in control with advanced administrative features -- and it’s fully mobile so your employees can have access to files on the go.

ShareSync brings you a single file management solution that allows your employees to work better, makes IT management simpler and is less expensive.

Read our white paper to learn how you can leverage ShareSync’s file management functionality.



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