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Get integrated backup that works for you

Used by tens of thousands of organisations, NetBackup Integrated Appliances can help you simplify and strengthen data protection throughout your enterprise.

Flexible backup for demanding environments

NetBackup Integrated Appliances can give your organisation an efficient turnkey solution for backup, storage, and deduplication.

Providing simple, cost-effective backup and recovery for the data centre, remote offices, and virtual environments, these enterprise-class appliances continue to be one of the leaders in the integrated, purpose-built backup appliance market.

Watch our video to see how organisations are increasingly adopting purpose-built backup appliances, and the benefits they can deliver.

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NetBackup 5200 series

A versatile, cost-optimised, integrated backup appliance that you can deploy for a NetBackup domain as a master server, media server, or both.

  • Suitable for environments of any size: Expandable up to 148 TB of usable capacity, it is ideal for remote offices, regional offices, and enterprise data centres
  • Multiple functional roles: Can be deployed as master server, media server, or both for a NetBackup environment
  • Comprehensive: All-in-one solution simplifies software, hardware, services, and support
  • Intelligent end-to-end deduplication: Reduces backup size by up to 50 times and bandwidth use by up to 99 percent
  • Flexible deduplication options: Deduplication at source, media server, or target; inline or post-process
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NetBackup 5300 series

A performance-optimised, integrated backup media server with high-density storage to support greater performance, capacity, and resiliency in the enterprise.

  • Scalable: Expandable to 458 TB usable capacity and designed for larger enterprises, data centres, and disaster recovery sites
  • Robust: Greater performance compared to the NetBackup 5230 — up to 3x faster backup, 5.8x faster recovery, and 4.9x faster replication
  • Resilient: Enhanced system protection, deduplication pool, and storage
  • Efficient: Delivers more TB per rack unit, reducing floor space requirements and lowering power and cooling costs
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Fast deployment reduces time to market

"We absolutely wanted the backup appliance model because we can deploy it less than a day. A traditional solution of separate backup software, server, and storage would take far longer and would not be practical for us."

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Faster deployment and simplified support

"The NetBackup solution was chosen because it combines backup software, deduplication, replication, servers, storage, and networking in an integrated, optimized 3U appliance. This speeds deployment and simplifies support."

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Single platform benefits

"We chose Veritas NetBackup appliances because they combine software, server, storage, and deduplication in one pre-tested, integrated backup appliance. We deal with one vendor for all those components, and we gain the flexibility and service that we need."

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