Is Your Team Ready for DevOps?

Back in the day, development and operations teams were siloed and slow — until high-growth, high-demand environments paved the way for DevOps.
Today, dev and ops teams that work together as partners deploy more frequently, with faster lead times.
The result? Better communication, collaboration, and trust.

Are your dev & ops teams stuck in silos or coming together as partners?

Take the quick DevOps Quiz below to find out

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The DevOps Quiz

Is Your Team Ready for DevOps?

1. Rate your development team’s ability to deploy frequent and stable releases:

2. Automation eliminates repetitive manual work, yields repeatable processes and creates reliable systems. Has your team implemented automation in your delivery pipeline?

3. During a release, are the dev and ops teams aware of what the other is working on?

4. Do your developer, operations, and customer support teams swarm on a problem and resolve it as a team?

5. During incident post-mortems, do you focus on fixing processes or how individuals failed?

6. Would you describe communicating and collaborating within and across dev and ops teams, as a ‘living nightmare’?

Congrats! Your team is a DevOps dream!

Your dev and ops teams excel at working together and recognize a culture of collaboration, trust and shared responsibility

Your teams are able to release faster, accelerate time to resolution of critical issues, and better manage unplanned work. Don’t forget to buy your software and ops teams a round of beers for these fantastic results!

Keep up the great work and learn how you can continuously improve in delivering exceptional customer experiences with DevOps by downloading and sharing our guide with your team

Great work — you’re just a few steps away from DevOps bliss!

So you still have a few sleepless nights now and then. No worries, you’re clearly headed in the right direction.

We suggest taking a few simple steps to strengthen team collaboration, automate the build and delivery process, and get your team to fully embrace all the principles of DevOps. With a culture of continuous improvement and trust, DevOps teams deploy 200 times more frequently, with 2,555 times faster lead times, recover 24 times faster, and have three times lower change failure rates*.

For expert recommendations and tips on getting started with DevOps, download and share our guide with your software and ops teams.

*According to Puppet Labs 2016 State of DevOps Report.

It’s time to bring on DevOps — and we know just how you can get started

Sounds like you need some help in bringing development and operations teams together. You’re not alone. 73% of IT support teams are dissatisfied with their current level of involvement with development, and only 41% share any knowledge between development and ops teams*.

This may be a ripe area for your organization to adopt DevOps. With a culture of continuous improvement and trust, DevOps teams deploy 200 times more frequently, with 2,555 times faster lead times, recover 24 times faster, and have three times lower change failure rates**.

To begin your journey to DevOps, download our guide to learn tried and tested strategies. Don’t forget to share this with your software and ops teams - it’s a great way to start the conversation around DevOps.

*According to Atlassian commissioned HDI IT Support and DevOps Report. 2016. **According to Puppet Labs 2016 State of DevOps Report.

Deliver fast. Deliver reliably.
Get the tools to practice DevOps.

Teams that adopt DevOps deploy more often with fewer failures and faster recovery.

  • Release with confidence. Get full visibility into the status and progress of upcoming releases with Jira Software’s Release Hub.

  • Fewer failures, faster recovery. Fast track problems by linking Jira Software tickets to Jira Service Desk incidents.

  • Speed up your workflow. No more waiting on code review approvals. Improve code quality and move faster with pull requests.

  • Share knowledge. Centralize post-incident reviews and other documentation with links to Jira tickets for clear traceability.

  • Tie automated builds, tests and deployments together. Release faster with continuous integration and deployment from Bamboo.

  • Track incident escalation and trigger alerts whenever a blocker bug or service interruption requires immediate action.




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